Global Construction Security

Vigilant Surveillance for your Sensitive Construction Projects

At NVE, we bring the right depth and agility to deploy fully trained and experienced Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST) and Cleared American Guards (CAG) right when you need them, anywhere in the world. Our highly trained team offers the full expertise and government clearance for your mission, including: 

  • Advanced security measures
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • High-quality surveillance equipment
  • Advanced risk mitigation
  • Customized solutions
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

Security, Surveillance, and Certainty

The construction phase of a project brings maximum exposure to facilities and bases. It’s the ideal opportunity for nefarious actors to introduce surveillance devices and systems, and only the best security prevents such risks. 

With over thirty years of proven expertise, NVE is the largest provider of Construction Monitoring Services (CSMS) for the US Department of State, including the Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) and Domestic Building Branch (DBB). Our highly trained personnel come with the security credentials and clearance imperative to protecting your facility and staff.

We provide:

  • Access Control Specialists (ACS)
  • Cleared American Guards (CAG)
  • Site Security Coordinators (SSC)
  • Team Leaders (TL)
  • Cleared Escorts (CE)
  • Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST)
  • Site Security Managers (SSM)

Our proficiency in the field of construction security is reinforced by our strict adherence to various regulatory documents, including the Department of State 12 FAM 300, which provides guidelines for physical security programs, as well as the Intelligence Community Directive (ICD 705), which sets the standards for sensitive compartmented information facilities and others.

Built for Government — Ready for Any Mission

At NVE, we apply federal sector’s same high standards to our commercial construction security solutions. Whether you need to meet rigorous government regulations or simply want to assure the best security in the business, we’re ready to put our proven track record to work for your mission.

 The Competitive Advantage to Drive Success

You need industry-leading capabilities to compete, and we stand out with:

  • Proven expertise
  • Exceptional customer support
  • More than two decades of corporate experience
  • A large roster of highly trained personnel
  • Experience across all seven continents
  • Unique ability to efficiently move personnel in and out of foreign countries

What Our Clients Say