Safeguarding the Mission

Our team at NVE brings more than 20 years of unique domain expertise safeguarding the facilities and operations of our Federal Civilian and Defense customers’ most significant assets, both domestically and across the globe. With a clear and compelling vision to advance the mission of government, customers trust us to facilitate their success through our innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions in the areas of Facilities and Base Operations Management, Global Construction Security, and Program Support.

As we look to the future, our dedication to our customers and the country remains firm and resolute. We are committed to evolving with the dynamic needs of government, continuously aspiring to be the preferred contractor of choice. Whether we’re reinforcing national defense or enhancing civilian services, we deliver with the same level of commitment and dedication. Our goal is to cultivate and sustain long-lasting relationships built on trust, teamwork, and the shared mission success of our customers.

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